1 in 36 Children are Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Biomedical, Dietary, and Environmental Interventions are very effective in treating autism spectrum symptoms. Recovery is Possible!


My Connection to Autism

I remember when my husband's sister and brother-in-law got the news that their 3-year old son had Autism. It was heartbreaking, and 26 years ago it was still a mystery as to how this disease could have happened. We knew the road ahead would be difficult, and we weren't wrong. Joey is a generally happy young man now, and his independence is significantly limited because of his diagnosis.

Transformation by Charrise McCrorey, 11x14 Alcohol Ink

Transformation by Charrise McCrorey, 11x14 Alcohol Ink

Recently, through a Facebook post about my art, I was contacted by a lovely woman on behalf of an organization committed to change the approach to Autism. The woman I met wondered if we could create a collaboration between my portraits and the organization, Restoring Balance -- in order to help fund a documentary that's being made to bring attention to this cutting edge modality. The above video speaks to the passion for changing the trajectory of children diagnosed with Autism, and the direction the film is taking.

I am connecting Joey and his parents to the vital work being done in the world of Autism, specifically through this organization. I have hope that his life and that of his parents can drastically improve.

I have hope that Restoring Balance can shift the way we as a collective see the emergence of Autism and ways to manage the effects of it -- literally changing the functionality of children diagnosed with Autism and helping them to thrive in society.

Would you love to help spread the word?

I've been commissioned by Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery to create a painting illustrating the transformation that occurs with Autistic children and young adults when they receive diet and environmental interventions as directed by Restoring Balance and Ryan Hetrick. This painting is entitled "Transformation" and prints of it are available for sale with 20% of the profit going straight to Restoring Balance to help fund the important film under production. The film will tell the story that autism recovery is possible, giving hope to an otherwise hopeless situation. The portrait is above.

I'm selling prints from this original piece and donating 20% of the profit to Restoring Balance in support of the film that will literally change the face of Autism as we know it today. 

Please help us, by purchasing this print, signed by me and shipped directly to you. Details are below.


Here is a brief video describing the the message of the film, by Ryan Hetrick, who has worked in the behavioral health field with autism spectrum clients for over 11 years, aged from 2 to 30, as a neurocognitive and Certified Brain Injury Specialist.