Living A Wildly Happy Life

Being wildly happy is an amazing life plan.

What does it look like, precisely?

I imagine waking up each day with a clean slate, grateful for what’s in front of me and satisfied with what’s behind me. I’d wake up next to my lover-husband knowing I’m safe and loved and free to be fully expressed.

I’d celebrate life by drinking and eating just at the edge of what I can get away with while maintaining good health. I would see life as a wild ride which is full of opportunities for adventure. I’d say yes to anything that sounds fun or interesting.

I’d accept challenges as valuable experiences, willing to feel the pain enmeshed in them and inspired to use the pain for something positive. I’d seek them out to further fulfill my soul’s purpose, relishing rather than regretting.

I’d not leave any possibility open for regrets.

I’d trust my intuition without fail; unwavering trust and acceptance of the amazing guidance system that exists inside me.

I’d surround myself with extraordinary people who make me laugh, make me think, and make me better. I’d be inordinately curious about their magnificent story, and file them away in my archives so their stories can live beyond the conversation.

I’d be aware of my interconnectedness with every other human being on the planet, taking care to nurture seen and unseen relationships. I’d do good deeds without the need to receive accolades. I’d love people even when they seem unlovable and immediately forgive any perceived acts against me.

My only anxiety would be focused on whether I had enough time left to do the massive amount of good work in the world I want to do. I wouldn’t worry about the past or the future. I would see every moment as a wicked chance to be present to the magic of my life.

I’d wear what I want and be grateful for what my body does for me rather than judging it’s perceived imperfections. I’d celebrate my uniqueness instead of seeking to blend in.

I’d open my arms to the lost and the down-hearted. I’d go to my heart and give my love silently to passersby.

If I found myself suppressing aspects of myself, I’d explore ways to stop it. I’d work toward expressing every gift and talent I possess.

I’d sleep peacefully and dream of epic adventures, waking up to make plans to experience them.

I’d face every demon with a fire torch, feeling the fear and standing it down.

I’d honor my ancestors, actively seeking their wisdom by asking them to be with me. I’d be committed to healing wounds in this lifetime, no matter the cost.

I’d exercise my freedom, never taking them for granted.

I’d be grateful for the miraculous, expecting more miracles every single day.

I would travel to other lands, become embedded in other cultures, seeking broader perspectives. I’d study all the religions of the world, seeking to understand the layers of culture affecting world wars.

I’d be at home in my spiritual choices, never judging myself for what I do or don’t believe. Faith would be a life jacket, supporting me when I need it and gassing up my tank for the wild ride of risky ventures.

I’d love my life so fiercely I’d growl like a lion in satiated pleasure.

I’d notice sensuality in everything. I’d eat juicy mangoes, relishing the the sticky juice running down my chin.

I’d commit to spending time in the wilderness, marveling in the natural order baked into every creation. I’d walk with bare feet in the snow, grounding and celebrating my strength and resilience.

I’d question everything, unafraid of the consequences of uncovering the inconvenient truth. I’d especially look into the assumed story of my life and be willing to make changes to the parts no longer true.

I’d seek my truest truth, knowing my truth is nobody else's. I’d honor and support the excavation of other’s truth.

I’d celebrate every single day, teetering on the edge of too much.