Be Wildly Happy Weekly Invitation

I'm always starting something, right? It makes me happy to dream up ideas and put them into action right away. One such idea came this morning when I was working with my writing coach, Nicole Criona, Founder of Without her help, I've no idea how I would reel in some of my ideas.

Here's the newest bad-ass idea. Each week over here at Be Wildly Happy, I'm issuing an invitation to you. My mission is to spoon-feed practical, manageable challenges you can easily weave into your ordinary life, for the purpose of rocking out your happiness goals. 




Here's your first BWH Weekly Invitation

One of the most important shifts you can make in a life full of multi-tasking, super-charged productivity is to learn to say NO to things you don't really want to do. You know you feel icky saying YES when you mean NO. And then when that thing you didn't want to do gets added to the pile of your to-do list you feel resentful. This leads to a wildly miserable life, if not put in check.

Your invitation this week is to say NO

50% more than you would ordinarily.

Here are some tips to assist you:

1. Set up some criteria to make this easier. If what you're being asked to do does not drive something important to you, say NO.

2. No can be a complete sentence. No need to justify.

3. Notice whether you are saying yes because of an old habit of 'people pleasing.'

4. Remember your time is precious and finite.

5. Be gentle with yourself.

6. Go over here and tell us what you've done, because accountability rocks and we want to celebrate you.

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It's easier than you're believing right now to create more happiness for yourself. If you want to be inspired by some ideas for Being Wildly Happy, check out this blog post.

Cheers to your wild happiness!