What Would You Love To Do

One of my greatest lessons has been that I am the source of everything in my life. This is not to say that I don't believe in a higher power. I am guided by the great spirit in every moment. 

My soul path was set in advance, and every experience in life is my teacher. I am always choosing. I don't get to choose outside circumstances but I can absolutely choose my reaction and behavior at any given moment.

I can also choose my actions proactively. Rather than sinking into the comfort of status quo, where I'm safely tucked into a mediocre existence, I get to actively create the life I'd love to live. 

I get to take risks; trying new things -- sometimes quite spontaneously -- knowing I am ultimately on a purposeful path and there is something to learn with every new direction I venture into, even when it is challenging. The challenges are where all the growth lives.

There have been times in my life where I've withheld myself from the vibrant possibilities available to me, missing the vital understanding that I am always safe, held in the arms of great spirit. Life is meant to be experienced deeply, in order to know both pain and joy. The middle ground feels like complacency.

Some of the most exciting and fruitful projects I've created over the past decade have originated from the question:

What would I love to do?

There is an energetic difference in this question; the language is on purpose. It's powerful in that there are no qualifiers around it. I'm not asking what's possible, or probable. I'm not asking what is easy or within reach. I'm asking what I would love to do, coming from pure creation and imagination. My heart is fully open to the possibilities.

Coming from a place of possibility brings me joy. I can figure out the details later, one at a time. The fear of change only kicks in when I venture too far into the uncertainty of the future. I ask myself "What's the next important step I can take to move this forward."

I'm fully capable of executing on the thing I'd love to do because of the mindset of possibility from which the idea emerged.

Does this feel lofty? Are you thinking you couldn't possibly come from this place, or operate in this way? 

My invitation is to give it a try. And if you want guidance, I'd love to help.

What would YOU love to do?

Charrise McCroreyComment