You Are A Powerful Creator

I am too, but I didn't always know it. 

I remember sitting with my coach years ago, lamenting about what I wanted and why it wasn't happening. I wanted to be more dedicated to writing but I didn't think I had the time. I wanted more clients but they weren't coming and I made up an excuse for why it was so. I wanted more time freedom and if I wrote more and had more clients my time would be more limited, not less. 

Trapped in a cycle of self-imposed limitations, my coach said these words "You are a powerful creator". I remember a gush of emotion emerging, tears running down my face. I had never seen myself as a powerful creator. The conversation we had that day unlocked a river of active creation which still flows today.

Sometimes I argue for my limitations -- meaning I make excuses for not doing something amazing because I'm believing the thoughts that live in my lizard brain, my ego. Ego is on purpose -- always seeking new ways to plant fear so I'll be safe. Which is sometimes useful when it comes to my very survival.

Spirit, conversely, wants me to fly with the energy of creativity and possibility. Spirit sees me living my best life, expressing myself fully in every way, taking risks because I am always safe.

I met a friend for coffee the other day, and he commented on how bright my eyes were, and how I seemed happier than he has seen me at other times. I paused and thought about this, and was able to describe the wildly happy life I'm living and all the things I'm feeling and doing and being.

I am a powerful creator, and I have been using my creative energy to write, make art, and imagine new possibilities which up until now had seemed far-fetched and unrealistic. 

The seed for this creative life I'm now living was planted when my mother gave birth to me, and every day is a new opportunity to nurture it. And I didn't always know.

Can you see how this might be true for you? In what areas are you arguing for your limitations, and what dream have you discarded as impossible? What if YOU are a powerful creator?