What Is There To Celebrate?

In my fever dreams last week, I created a strategic process to help people make forward progress on something. It's kind of amazing how my unconscious mind knows what is needed even when my conscious mind is unaware. Stepping out of busy-ness and into self-care makes it possible for me to see what wants to be born.

At the core of this process is the way it begins -- with celebration. I'm a fan of positive thinking, as you know. When I start a conversation with someone, I want to start with something positive so they will gain access to the best part of themselves.

So, question one of my Possibilitation Process (yes, I made up a word) is...

What is there to celebrate? 

And what happens next is kind of miraculous, because people rarely take time to celebrate the abundance they've created. When asked specifically what they've done well, it sometimes takes a moment for a person to allow themselves to acknowledge good work. So many of us seem to be hard-wired to look for our deficiencies. If I asked you what you've messed up lately, you'd likely have a quick answer.

This relates in some ways to last week's experience of participating in mock job interviews for people who have been incarcerated and are about to be placed in work/release situations. One of my first questions was "What makes you a rock star?".

At first, I was mostly met with blank stares. Now granted, these people don't feel like rock stars. They've made mistakes that landed them in a system built for punishment, where individuality is not rewarded. When I asked the same question a bit differently, they each started to warm up to the idea that they are worthy of doing good work, and could then access what makes them special.

Starting with this question helped them access the positive aspects of themselves, which changed the trajectory of the entire interview. I don't know what will happen next for them, but I do know that whether it is positive or negative will hinge directly upon the attitude they bring to those next steps. Their future is in their own hands.

If you look around you -- and I mean REALLY look -- you'll see exactly what you've created in your life, and most likely there is abundance everywhere. Feel free to celebrate those things -- big and small, right now. Throw your arms up and cheer for the creative YOU who is actively building a life you love.

The second step of the Possibilitation Process is for possibility thinking. There is always a particular next level for all of us, regardless where we are in life. What is your growing edge? How could your life be even better?

These are real-life questions that lead to wildly abundant lives, and if you want to experience the whole process, it's now embedded in almost every service I offer. For the near future, I've just opened the door to a thirty-minute complimentary session to get a small taste. I'd suggest you take me up on it.