You Are a Maker

Do you believe you are a maker? Look around you. You might be sitting in a chair that you chose, or a standing desk which you also chose. Perhaps you purchased the computer or cell phone you’re using right now to read this. One thousand tiny creative choices led you to this moment; reading my words, hoping to learn something or be inspired.

This is how I know you are a maker. You have made your whole life as it exists. Your thoughts send you off in the direction of action — or inaction — which also results in something. Your personal taste in clothing or the design of your living space is a result of your level of discernment. Yours and only yours.

You are making your relationships, too. Every time you have a conversation, something new gets born. You learn something or you teach something and new thoughts emerge for all those engaged in the conversation. Every dialogue is a creation.

Often, if you’re like me, you hear words coming out of your mouth and you don’t consciously know where they came from. This is the inner voice manifesting in you, powered by divine guidance downloaded into your psyche and spilling out though your words. Remarkable, yes? And created. Made by you and your creator, the ultimate creative power.

Perhaps what you are making in your life isn’t as rewarding as you might assume it would be — knowing you’re at the helm making all the tiny decisions. It happens to the best of us! Once I remember I’m the maker of it — either through action or the way I’m holding the beliefs around it — I can make it better.

So can you!

And I understand it isn’t always easy to see ourselves creating what also makes us suffer, and sometimes it helps to talk about it.

Would it be cool to be with people, me included, to take a good long look at what you’re creating, say in an astounding Lake Michigan Home during the first weekend of March? Because I’m gathering a small group of amazing women to do just that.

You are meant to be wildly happy. That’s the space I hold for you. If you want to up your happiness level, it begins with an honest dialogue to unravel the knot of dissatisfaction currently present in your life.

You can read more about Winter Retreat and also comment here if you have comments or questions. I’d love to help.