How To Gracefully Cry With A Stranger

I want to share a story with you about something that happened last week. I was at a meet-and-greet at my co-working space having a conversation with someone I had exchanged names with the prior week. We were getting to know one another.

She is an independent health insurance agent, specializing in the senior market. I asked her if she likes working with older people and I watched her face light up. Yes, she does. I told her how much I appreciate people who have the patience and commitment to be with people like my mom who need extra time to understand things. Then I began to tell her about my mom.

And as I was describing the ways in which I feel honored to be mom's caregiver, I started to imagine the experience of helping her shower; her thin, velvety bare skin mottled with brown spots a sign of a life well-lived. Telling my stranger-friend how I wouldn't want to miss those intimate moments, in a flash, I was weeping. 

She sprang into action, doing what neither of us expected and hugged me hard. In the middle of a crowded networking event, I realized how much I needed not just the hug but the simple act of being held and heard. As I squinted my teary eyes shut I surrendered to her kindness.

When I recovered my composure, I was filled with gratitude for the connection we had just made. Because we both got something. I received an emotional release and she received the chance to spontaneously serve me in my time of need. It must have felt good to be her.

As you know, I'm a happy person. And sometimes even for happy people, life gets hard. I'm not complaining because I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I know this deep in my soul. 

My wish for you is that you see how much life loves you by putting the right people in your path when you least expect it. Because life loves you in just the same way it loves me.