Is Being Wildly Happy Unsustainable?

As you know, I’m a proponent of choosing to be happy — wildly happy, even — and I am well aware that life is more fun when I make choices propelling me in the direction of happy.

But I’m not delusional. I have experience heartache, sorrow, disappointment, suffering…and know that being wildly happy doesn’t exclude me from experiencing all of the other emotions that fill up days and months and years, adding up to a lifetime.

All of my growth has come from the hard things. Being wildly happy is my reward for being willing to be with the other emotions that often suck. In order to grow more conscious, we can’t skip the tough stuff. Suppression just doesn’t serve us in the long-term.

I read a fascinating article which points to this idea, and I think you’d benefit by reading it too. I especially appreciate the graphics the author added.

Even though I take a stand for people to create wildly happy lives, I’m not advocating the avoidance of challenges or heartache, because life doesn’t work that way.

One the other side of pain is joy.