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Is Being Wildly Happy Unsustainable?

As you know, I’m a proponent of choosing to be happy — wildly happy, even — and I am well aware that life is more fun when I make choices propelling me in the direction of happy.

But I’m not delusional. I have experience heartache, sorrow, disappointment, suffering…and know that being wildly happy doesn’t exclude me from experiencing all of the other emotions that fill up days and months and years, adding up to a lifetime.

All of my growth has come from the hard things.

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How To Be A Conscious Competitor

This time last year, I was crippled with a back issue called sciatica. For three weeks, I could barely get out of bed — which was physically excruciating and emotionally incomprehensible. I’ve been down before, suffering from viral meningitis in 2006 and it was humbling both times. I vowed I would take better care of my body to keep illness and injury at bay.

But it hasn’t been easy. Once I could finally function again last Spring, my physical movement was limited for several months because I couldn’t risk a relapse. I had been walking three miles daily before my condition so I was super frustrated that my body wasn’t able to keep the pace. I moved timidly, testing my capacity but not really going for it again, afraid and frustrated.

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Making a life

I am a maker. You are one too. How do I know this?

Well, our kind has always made things. In our earliest days, we made tools, food, and shelter.  We made babies. We evolved to make homes and businesses and relationships and technology and art and music and love and war and everything else that's ever been known or experienced. We are makers.

Knowing I am wired to make things

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