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You Are A Powerful Creator

I am too, but I didn't always know it. 

I remember sitting with my coach years ago, lamenting about what I wanted and why it wasn't happening. I wanted to be more dedicated to writing but I didn't think I had the time. I wanted more clients but they weren't coming and I made up an excuse for why it was so. I wanted more time freedom and if I wrote more and had more clients my time would be more limited, not less. 

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Unleashing Creativity

Several years ago, a friend invited me to participate in a three-week exploratory intuitive painting program. I didn't see myself as an artist and yet something about this program called me forward. I said yes.

Every day for three weeks, he'd send me an email with an art prompt. There were rules. I had to use large black sketch paper and chalk, and I had to fill the entire paper with my work.

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Why I Write

I've been thinking about what moved me to start writing, as I'm slogging through the rewrite process for my first full-length book. When I'm looking for inspiration, I remind myself of these things because it motivates me to keep going.

I write because I love finding just the right words to express something I'm thinking about or imagining. Words hold promise and power.

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Are You Creative?

I know how vital being creative is for me now, though I didn't always. It's difficult to believe how for years, I walked around the planet without seeing myself as creative. I didn't notice when I chose clothing or jewelry that creativity was involved. I didn't connect the work I did in the world as a creative effort. I was simply unconscious of my creativity.

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