Be Present in a Distracting World

It is most certainly a distracting world, right? You've all been there. You're on a conference call of some kind, and while you're required to be present, you have more important things to do. So, you hit the mute button while you half-listen to what's happening on the call.

Or, you're on a video call, and you're driving. Pause, and consider the logic of this.

Maybe you're on a video call using your cell phone, and you're moving around making everyone else on the call dizzy.

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The Value of a Big Question

I have found my life goes in the direction of my questions. If I’m asking questions that have easy answers, like “What do I want to wear today”, I’ll likely get the answer that has to do with the impressions I’m going to make that day. It’s not a worthless question because it does matter to me how I present myself.

If I ask “Whose day will I make today” I’m moving in the direction of making a difference for the person, starting with a powerful intention.

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How To Comfort Someone Who Is Hurting

I’ve messed this one up more than once. It’s heart-wrenching to witness the pain of someone you care about while having no idea how to alleviate their suffering.

In a voice that sounds desperate, I’ve made the mistake of speaking aloud something that didn’t help -- or worse, hurt them even more. It’s a heart-wide open wilderness and if I’m too much in my head it goes all wrong.

I thought I would

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