Great Mother Art

How did my career as an artist begin?

It all started with the perfect black pen.

I have been fascinated by art my whole life. I loved art class in high school. In college I took one art class, and other than one six-week watercolor painting class, that has been the extent of my formal training. I went to art shows as a consumer, marveling at the talent of the artists on display -- never quite imagining I might have the level of talent necessary to be an artist myself.

I've been buying art supplies for years, dabbling here and there -- not really sure why I was buying them but quite sure there was a reason and that my knowing would unfold. And then one day, I bought a 7x7 sketch pad and began doodling in it. My friend told me about his favorite pen -- the one he loved to use for such things, and I immediately got the very same black pen. Every day when I woke up, I did one doodle. And then a miracle happened.

I didn't suck! Even though I told the story repeatedly that I couldn't draw, I could draw. Every day I practiced my doodle, my confidence grew. I got better at drawing, and noticed my talent for design.

Another friend told me about a medium called Alcohol Ink. On a whim, I bought some. I watched a few video tutorials and began experimenting. I fell in love with the whole process around making art in this way. With Alcohol Ink, control is a challenge. This was not easy for me. I had to let go and trust the lines that happened without me. This is a metaphor for my life.

Since then, I've developed a unique style which will continue to evolve as I grow as an artist.


What is the philosophy behind my work as an artist?

My work reflects the evolutionary nature of human consciousness, and the language and images we use to express and create it.   I believe we are ourselves works of art, and my intention is to invite others to consider the reflection we make to one another. My pieces include intentional collections of fragments: objects, original photographs, paintings, drawings, and other meaningful iconic items.  My work is intended to raise questions and invite the possibility for full self expression in others. I enjoy mixing genre, using bright, alive colors, and I find black/white with open space breathtaking. I explore contradictions.

At the core of my work is my commitment to expressing love  – and to recognize that nothing is broken. Perfection exists in everything.  My purpose is to hold the space for myself and others to express creativity in its fullest capacity. I’m inspired to be an active participant in that expression.  All things, including my art, spring from this place.

I’m inspired to explore possibilities, and sustained by the abiding love of family and friends. I’m a lover of people. I’m moved by music and nature. My experiences in those spaces inform my creative expression.

When people experience the art pieces I create, they say things like "I just get happy when I look at it" and "I see an intelligence in the way you capture the people." My intention is to create an emotional response like these when you experience my work. 

My art collection is called Great Mother Art, inspired by Mother Nature and Great Mother herself.