Let Me Capture Your Tribe

We are defined by the people around us. Great Mother Art will capture the essence of you and your people.

Your girlfriends

There's nothing quite like the energy of females coming together for laughter, food and friendship. Even better when there is dancing! In these portraits, I will capture the essence of each character in your tribe whether you're sisters or soul-sisters. The love between you will shimmer on the canvas.


Your family

You and your mother, or you and your children, or you and your partner and your pets. It doesn't matter the combination -- only you know who you'd love to be with in this special portrait. I'll capture each of you individually, quirks and all -- and you'll be together too. Would Grandma love a portrait with her grandchildren?


your team

Let's face it, everyone wants to be happy, and when you find yourself on a team where there is mutual love and admiration...well, it must be captured! Imagine surprising your team with a fun portrait characterizing your unique personalities! It'd make a one-of-a-kind gift that lasts forever. 

Here's How It Works

First, you decide who you'd love to be with in your portrait. Then, click the button below to place your order. You'll be presented with a short form with some questions about you and your tribe. Your portrait will tell a unique story!  Next you'll email me some digital photos of your people, so I can capture as much of their crazy goodness as possible. Generally you can expect to receive your finished digital portrait within a week or two, and I'll let you know if the wheels are jammed up and it will take longer. If you wish to receive your finished portrait within a shorter timeframe than 1-2 weeks, call or email for additional options.

How Much Do You Pay For The Priceless Portrait?

Commissioned work is $175 for the original painting (unframed 9x12) and one digital file, which will be yours to do with what you'd like. You'll be able to take it to a printer who'll make you a gorgeous print -- or several, one for each of you starring in the portrait. We can help you make t-shirts or coffee mugs or whatever you'd like, for an extra fee.