Leadership Consulting

Most organizations suffer from ineffective communication practices — and often this problem costs thousands of dollars in profit and countless hours of productivity. Through heart-centered leadership consulting, I work with business leaders and their executive team to provide a unique and customized discovery and implementation process for shoring up shortcomings costing money, time, and profound amounts of energy.  

At the heart of this work is the premise that the way we talk, write, and behave can be intentionally recreated for everyone’s greatest good.

I offer:

  • customized workshops

  • private coaching

  • small and large group facilitation

  • strategic design

  • creative problem solving

  • executive retreats

This process requires a sincere desire to ask and answer bigger questions, to create a healthier relationship with the idea of change, and to rise up to our highest human capabilities.  It’s for leaders who are impatient with status quo thinking, who understand and accept the notion that we can do better. This heart-centered approach is rooted in a depth of experience and insights gathered through working with hundreds of human beings over my lifetime, and thousands of dollars spent learning from some of the greatest teachers that exist.

If you want to transform the way you and your team communicate so that you operate with tightly held clarity and commitments, let’s get started.