Superpower Strategy Session

Are you unclear about where your life as an entrepreneur is headed? Do you realize how little you actually do in your life that drives your true purpose? Do you use your unique superpowers in order to create your best life and business?

Do you even know you have superpowers?

I’ve got special powers myself (we all do), and one of them is to shine the light on what makes you a rock star. I have x-ray vision into who you are, and who you could be. I am famous for my creative problem solving skills, and I won’t hesitate to wave my magic wand over your life to show you how it can shine much brighter.

Hundreds of people have leveraged my superpowers for their own benefit.

Superpowers aren't for sissies. They're meant to put a dent in the universe. I take this seriously, and maybe it's time you did too.

If you spend this time with me, you will:

  • tap into the deep chasm of your true potential

  • get extreme clarity and inspiration

  • see yourself in a whole new light

  • get an action plan that you're excited about executing

We uncover your superpowers — your dealbreakers — and your difference makers, so you can get busy living your dream.

Did I mention how much fun this is for both of us? Yeah. So. Much. Fun.

Why would you want to engage in a Superpower Strategy Session?

  • Because you know you have more inner power than you’ve been accessing, and you want to leverage that into a better future.

  • Because you have been operating with an unclear vision and you sense that's not a great idea.

  • Because you have an idea for something, or you’re not sure what the best idea would be.

  • Because you feel a new urgency for making a bigger difference.

  • Because you want more abundance in your life.



At the end of our 2 hours, you will have a clear action plan. It won’t be like the action plans you’ve created before and didn’t execute. This one will be tethered to your heart and soul. It will be so deeply connected to who you are, and to your own unique superpowers, that you’ll begin executing immediately following your session. Remember, we have a magic wand.

We will build on what you already rock at. We will dig deep for what makes you come alive, and then we’ll create from that infinite possibility.

My intention is for you to create the business and life of your dreams. I want you to feel inspired and satisfied that you do indeed use your superpowers for a better future. And not just for you. For your family. For your community. For the world.

That’s what superpowers are for, after all.

What would we have to create during your Superpower Strategy Session in order for the fee (only $395) to be a no-brainer? Which of your superpowers has the potential, if released, to earn you ten times that amount? I don’t play small, and I don’t work with people who do, either. I am inspired to multiply your investment in yourself so that it’s the one gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s my promise: If you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome of the Superpower Strategy Session (upon our agreement in advance of what that desired outcome is) I will work with you until it’s accomplished. Simple. Nothing for you to lose.

All it takes is one great idea, coupled with a new awareness of your ability to execute, using the talent you already have. Walking away with the next few action steps appropriate for YOU, and your currently busy life will ensure that your new idea takes root.

What’s the alternative to such a thing? You can do it alone like you’ve done before, or you can enlist my superpowers to leverage your own.

What’s it going to be? If you’re not going to make this gentle leap NOW, when will it be time?