Be Wildly Happy Collective

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Are you craving community?

Life feels lonely sometimes, and perhaps our tribes aren’t as strong — or as appropriate for life today as we’d like them to be.

Also, in midlife there are so many damn changes.

Our bodies move into transition, leaving behind the space for growing and nurturing children and moving into something similar yet quite different. Finally, our bodies are fully ours, and our creativity which resides in our core can come alive.

Even though somehow we know this, often we’re not sure what to do with it.

As we move into our late-40’s, 50’s and beyond — we can no longer ignore the profound shifts in our thinking. Whether we’re questioning our career, our relationships, where we make our home, or a myriad of other inquiries that seem to be lurking, above all we want to be happier.

I’ve been navigating this space since my mid-40’s, and I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve been rather alone with my worries, even though I’m surrounded by people who know and love me.

I am creating a better way, so that you can emerge from this era and look back upon it as the greatest, most prolific time of your entire existence as a woman.

I’m calling it the Be Wildly Happy Collective, as one thing I know for sure is that we are better together than apart. Together — we can do great things.

What will you get by being part of this engaged community?

  • Strategies to create deeper relationships with those you love, and those you don’t know you love (yet!)

  • Practical understanding and application of life and business principles to make you a happier human

  • Know, love and trust yourself more

  • Profound clarity for what’s next

  • Commitment to new action

  • Community accountability

Here’s how it is unfolding:

  • Beautiful, courageous, growth-hungry women in midlife years (you decide if this is you) will come together to create something magnificent!

  • Monthly Live Zoom Video workshops designed and delivered by me, aiming to teach business and life concepts and to inspire you to live a wildly happy life

  • Collaborate on what these concepts might mean for us as individuals (or something bigger we create together in the world).

  • Moderated private forum, where we can share our triumphs and struggles.

  • Surprises (because we love them)

  • Only $99 per month (recurring automatically)

We’ll have an intro conversation to be certain it’s right for both of us.