Are You Creative?

Over here at Be Wildly Happy, I'm hereby crowning March with the theme of Creativity. 

I know how vital being creative is for me now, though I didn't always. It's difficult to believe how for years, I walked around the planet without seeing myself as creative. I didn't notice when I chose clothing or jewelry that creativity was involved. I didn't connect the work I did in the world as a creative effort. I was simply unconscious of my creativity.

I wrote poems and stories and made paintings and drawings and art projects in my adolescence until college when for reasons I can't remember, I stopped. I eventually dropped out of college, got married, had babies, and during that time only once very briefly did I consider the possibility of tapping into my creativity seriously.

When I was in my mid 40's, I was asked to write a monthly department piece for the company newsletter. I reluctantly wrote it, feeling out of practice and attracted to the idea that I could be good at stringing words together. Not long after, I started my coaching practice. I knew I needed to figure out the writing thing because I felt I needed to use a blog for marketing. Thus began my re-entry into writing. 

And guess what? People responded to my work. They even suggested I had a book in me. I was astounded, as I had never really practiced the art of writing before that time in my life.

Twelve years later, I'm still writing and my work continues to make a difference for people. I've completed the first draft of my first full-length book. I will soon become an author beyond the material I've published online.

Around the same time as that first newsletter, I followed the urge to participate in a watercolor class. I had used watercolors as a teenager, fascinated with clouds and sunsets. I hadn't painted since, and this time around I had an instructor teaching me about color and composition. I was astounded at how my finished work looked. When our paintings were finished, we stood them up next to each other in the gymnasium where the class was taught, stepping back to view them all at once. We had all started with the same blank slate and following the same directions. When I noticed how utterly unique each painting was, I finally acknowledged my innate creativity.

I am creative, and it shows up in every aspect of my life. It's there when I dress in the morning. As I brainstorm new business ideas, creativity is front and center. I am able to see my client's situations differently than they see them because of my creativity. My way I organize the furniture and the decor choices I make are all rooted in my innate design eye.

And most recently, it's in the new painting series I'm creating (and selling). 

I said the words to a colleague the other day "My art is central to who I am."

When I heard the words come out, I surprised myself. When he responded by affirming he, too, sees me this way, it was a turning point.

There's no longer any question. I know I am creative just as I know I breathe.

And if this is true, it's only because I'm telling the story that I am. You can tell the same story (you are already telling some sort of story). I believe we are born to use our creativity in all aspects of our lives -- some of us feel compelled to unleash it in the arts, and some of us lean into it in other areas.

What I know for sure is that creativity is an innate, default system in every human being and we are meant to use it for our fullest expression.

What is your story?