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Putting Health Above Commitments

Does sickness ever come at the right time? It doesn't seem so, even though I generally believe that timing, in general, is somehow always perfect. I was scheduled to deliver a talk on Tuesday at lunchtime. Tuesday evening, I had volunteered to conduct mock job interviews with my friend Alicia who is doing groundbreaking work with ex-convicts about to re-enter the work world. I also had planned to travel to Santa Fe on Thursday to spend the weekend with my good friend, Peleg.

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What You Feed

What I focus on grows. This is true even if I am focusing on the negative aspects of the thing. But only every single time.

I could give you hundreds of stories where this truth has played out in my life. Ranging from my health initiatives to my art to my relationships -- when I'm putting my energy in those places whether it's in a positive or negative way, I get something back for it.

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Be Abundant Like Water

I'm inspired by the nature of mother nature. For example, a forest perpetuates itself naturally. As the seasons change the very essence of the tree knows to shed what is no longer sustainable -- acorns if you're an oak tree. The acorn forms and then lets go of the branch at the perfect time, as the wind moves it to it's resting place. The soil, fortified by the elements of sun and rain and snow nurtures the acorn until it grows into a sapling, which becomes a tree.

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