2016 Commitments: Mine and Yours


As I write today, the Christmas tree still stands next to me - naked of all ornaments save a few strands of shiny tinsel, ready to become a home for birds and squirrels. The circle of life continues, and as another year is about to expire, I've become reflective. Because, 2016! As a family, over the past several weeks, we've been managing some health issues - one rather serious one with my husband. There's nothing like the power of a life threatening disease to wake one up to living life fully. At this moment, we remain confident that Mike will remain cancer-free, but we have no guarantees of that.

With faith and extreme love for one another, and with the breadth and depth of support from family and friends, we are able to thrive during the uncertain days ahead. I'm thankful for all of it, since it is most definitely on purpose and part of our path.

Last night, after allowing myself a full stop for a few days (I'm a sprinter - go-go-go then STOP) I found a space to be quiet and grabbed my idea journal. I was thinking about living an intentional life - one that, if my time here ends earlier than planned, will be without regret. I began wondering what that looks like for me. Even though I've been coaching and consulting and serving people through writing and speaking for more than 9 years now, I always want to check in with my spirit to see what's still in alignment.

I'm more passionate than ever before about helping people have conversations that matter -- which in a nutshell is what my work has always been about. We humans are at a crossroads -- in a position to either succumb to fear and relinquish a fulfilling happy life, or begin to have the dialogue necessary to bring clarity and purpose to our every action. I could use a scare tactic here and point to the increasing degree and complexity of today's challenges -- but you get enough of that by consuming media reports.

I sense so much hopelessness in the world. And while I understand the old adage "hope is not a strategy", I also know that without it, all is lost. My work today focuses on discovering what we CAN do, right here -- right now -- with all we have available in us to bring forward.

Here's what I'm focusing my commitment, love, and energy toward in the coming year:

  1. The CoQuora Project: Perhaps my most compelling work to date, in partnership with an amazing friend and colleague, David Firth. It's a compilation of our respective lives filled with teachings and experiences, and a representation of our collective latest beliefs and philosophy. We're launching The CoQuora Project, along with ways for you to participate in January 2016, so watch this space for details. Or, go to the website and subscribe.
  2. Programs that are within reach to more people. I've stripped them down to their simplest form, and with that, the fees are reduced. I'm passionate about reaching into the hearts and minds of anyone who is craving clarity and direction, and I'm committed to increasing my work by making it more financially accessible. If you are interested in discovering what that looks like for you, please complete the online application here.
  3. I'm writing a novel. Yep -- I'm super excited to add this level of writing to my repertoire. It's co-written with my partner David Firth, and it's a story about a town and the people having a spiritual awakening.
  4. I'm supporting entrepreneurs in new and exciting ways. The Entrepreneur Cafe rounded the one year anniversary in November, and I'm inspired to make some valuable tweaks to the service. If you subscribe to my Lovecasts, here on the left, you'll be one of the first to know the details.
  5. I'm upgrading my two digital programs, Soulful Spring Cleaning 3.0 and Ascension 2.0. Both will be available for purchase soon.
  6. Personally, I'm focusing on building a team of professionals to support me in my 2016 ventures -- because I realize precisely what my unique abilities are -- and what they are not. I've got two internships available and am currently interviewing for them. Let me know if you or someone you know would like to become part of my team.

As always, we are active creators of our life as we know it, with our very existence. I'd love to wish you peace, abundance and love in the coming new year -- and I know that it's within your reach to create just that. Whether or not my wish comes true, it will always and every time be a result of YOUR commitments.

All my love to you and yours.