3 Powerful Ways for Leaders to Create Engagement


Your people are your secret weapons, when their full potential is tapped. The best way to fully utilize the gifts and talents of your people is to create a culture of engagement. The truth is, your people are either engaged, not engaged, or actively disengaged.

3 Powerful Ways for Leaders to Create Engagement

Gallup, Inc. has released a study called “State of the Global Workplace”, which measures employee engagement in 9 key categories. In the US and Canada, survey results indicate the following percentages of engagement:


  • Engaged: 29%
  • Not engaged: 54%
  • Actively Disengaged: 18%

There is a direct cost to the bottom line when employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. Actively disengaged employees tend to undermine initiatives, and degrade the general morale. Nobody likes to be around people who are less committed to the common cause. It’s destructive and demoralizing.

There is a cost for disengagement. It’s a common consequence of active disengagement to cause a decline in productivity, as well as the direct cost of high turnover rates. Engaged workers are the ones who show up committed and willing to go the extra mile. It’s a smart business decision to create higher levels of engagement, for the bottom line as well as for creating a happier workplace.

There are many ways to create high engagement levels. Here are my top three:


1. Hire the right people. Select managers with great listening skills and high emotional intelligence. Don’t settle. Add engagement questions to your interview process.

2. Create engagement strategies with your leaders and managers. Establish metrics for keeping managers accountable for the results of their unit. Reward and acknowledge positive results. Coach up managers who are not meeting the metrics. Don’t allow mediocre performance in the area of engagement.

3. Identify engagement champions at all levels and task them with increasing peer involvement. Learn what motivates and inspires folks and align the culture with opportunities that satisfy those needs.


Above all, high levels of engagement will only occur if top leaders are committed to fostering it within the culture. It’s a worthy endeavor that pays dividends.


This article was originally published in the Greater Elkhart Chamber Magazine, Leading Edge.

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