5 Reasons Why I Coach Entrepreneurs

After a series of fantastic coaching sessions this week, I am reminded of 5 reasons why I coach entrepreneurs.

People who identify as entrepreneurs are special. They have unique talents, as discussed in this recent blogpost. There are also factors besides talent that draw me in to doing amazing work helping entrepreneurs execute on their dreams.

Here are 5 reasons why I coach entrepreneurs:

1. Entrepreneurs have a unique drive. Even though they need sleep, they are willing to give it up to push through that extra few hours to get something important done. Entrepreneurs don't give up easily.

Their drive is extraordinary, unlike others who do what needs to be done, and nothing more (we need those people in the world too - can you imagine a world where everyone is an entrepreneur?) I love being a witness to that level of commitment - and appreciate my role in helping them be so committed.

2. Entrepreneurs love what they do. There's no way a person will have the kind of drive necessary to persist on a dream without a deep love for the project. Sometimes that love gets buried in the tedious business of making things happen, and my role as their coach is to remind them why they started in the first place.

It's cool to be the one standing, feet planted firmly in their future in times when they simply can't see it.

3. Entrepreneurs bring a ferocious passion to everything. They tend to be opinionated, decisive, and stubborn. Sometimes to a fault! Many entrepreneurs have battled with Attention Deficit Disorder - challenged by the tendency to jump around from project to project.

Even though I realize that for some this can be debilitating in terms of getting things done, I love showing them how to channel all that passion into their project. Without this passion, they wouldn't be entrepreneurs. I actually believe a diagnosis of ADD can be used to a person's advantage.

4. Entrepreneurs want to live a big life. An entrepreneur does not settle for a "job" working to make someone else's dreams come true. They know that's not enough for them. They want more. They want freedom; time freedom, financial freedom, and their own license for creativity. With freedom comes choices - sometimes overwhelming choices.

My role as their coach is to help them stay true to their desires for creating, and to help them align their choices toward their purpose.

5. Entrepreneurs execute on great ideas. Rather than dreaming about them, entrepreneurs get moving. They know that their ideas are their gift, and also that having the idea isn't enough. They want to see the idea come alive. As their coach, I get to encourage them. I get to help them create a strategy to become finishers and doers, which is the next level up from dreamers. I help them ship, as Seth Godin would say.

A bonus reason for working with entrepreneurs is that I am one myself. I intimately understand the challenges we face, and navigate them in my own business on a daily basis.

I get what it takes to manage cash flow, and energy levels. I have felt the adrenalin rush of winning, and conversely, the heart crushing emotions of failing.

I have come to realize that business is a game. That doesn't mean it's not vital that it get played - the world economy is dependent upon the businesses that get started by entrepreneurs.

People need things, and entrepreneurs play the role of providing goods and services that fulfill those needs.

I'm thrilled to play the role of coach to entrepreneurs. It's more fun and more rewarding than any role in the game of life.