How To Achieve Autonomy As An Entrepreneur


When you decided to start a business, you most likely dreamed that by doing so, you would achieve both financial freedom and time freedom. Of course, both of these are possible, and not without a clear plan that is adapted as you grow.  

Sometimes, the financial success of small business hinders the time freedom aspect, as entrepreneurs fail to set up systems that run without them. Many eventually find that time freedom is more important to them than financial wealth.

Cool Baby

Is this you? If it hasn’t happened yet, can you see down the road that it could?

Cool. At least you have the vision to see it!

 So, allow me to give you some ideas for how to achieve autonomy as an entrepreneur.

There are three main areas to develop an an entrepreneur, which will give you the time freedom you desire.

 Build an impeccable team of talented people who can do all the stuff you don’t want to do, and/or aren’t good at doing. Trust them, and give them the authority to do their job independently, without the need to dictate to them. Destroy hierarchy as an idea that has expired. Establish a collaborative work environment, assuring the you’re all in the right conversation.

  1. Commit to consistently building air-tight processes that execute flawlessly, so that your repetitive tasks are efficient and lean. Create this as an essential task, measure the results, and reward those involved for meeting or exceeding the metrics.
  2. Empower every member of your team to innovate process continuously. Question all assumptions, as growth requires constant review and analysis of functionality. Bake this into your culture so people feel safe in calling out when something isn’t working.

 Most entrepreneurs are rock solid when it comes to ideas. There is never a shortage of them, and most of them have a good possibility for working if executed. It’s the follow through -- the execution that generally falls away, resulting in those great ideas fizzling out.

That’s why the 3 part plan for how to achieve autonomy as an entrepreneur makes so much sense. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with the right people, process, and mindset so that all aspects of the business get handled efficiently and with passion.

 What’s the use in creating piles of cash if you can’t get away from your business enough to enjoy it?

 I see a month in the tropics in your future. What do you see?

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