Administrative Support for Entrepreneurs

My passion to support entrepreneurs, and especially those of the female persuasion has been evolving since I first became an entrepreneur myself. Today I see so much potential for entrepreneurs to take on some of our most compelling challenges. Entrepreneurs solve problems - and in so doing, create wealth and abundance in the lives of those whose problems get solved, as well as for themselves. That's why administrative support is so important.

Though we often feel like we must do everything,  (women are especially apt to fall into this trap) it's not true. Delegation is the secret weapon for thriving financially, emotionally, and physically while balancing the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur.

And it's how we can make the most difference. Isn't that what we all want to accomplish?

Administrative tasks, done by us even though it's not what we're best at, can literally stop us from achieving our highest levels of success and satisfaction.

So, if that's true, why do we take these tasks on ourselves?

I believe there are many factors.

  1. Fear that it won't get done the way we'd do it.
  2. Our own judgement that it proves we're "lazy."
  3. We believe we can't afford to outsource.
  4. We don't know how to find the right person/service.

Does that feel about right?

I'm committed to showing entrepreneurs another way -- and to connect them to high quality, open-hearted support that allows them to FLY within their own creative genius.

I'm pleased to see what we're co-creating with Entrepreneur Gold Cafe. The level of support, compassion, and love we give to one another has surpassed even my own high expectations.

I'm imagining what would be possible if each of us have the level of administrative support we most need, in order to spend as much time as possible in our zone of genius.

We're in dire need of adding a member to our community whose business is centered on supporting heart-centered entrepreneurs with administrative tasks. If you have such a business and are looking to plug into a unique community ripe with referrals, please check us out here: Entrepreneur Gold Cafe.

We are better together, and it's time to make it okay to ask for help.