Being Gentle With Myself


What would change if I were being gentle with myself?

Being Gentle With MyselfI can easily look back on times in my life and judge decisions or actions as wrong, bad, or unwise. I think we can each recall a time when we can't really believe we acted a certain way. And yet, what if truly, at that time, I was operating inside the knowledge and consciousness I had so far accumulated? What if my intentions were well placed even though my actions were misguided?

What if I have always done the best I could, considering the circumstances at the time of my alleged wrong-doing? My opposing thought is "I know I could have done that better." Really? How can I really know that? Is that true?

As Byron Katie says, “Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing ever happened that didn't need to happen.”

What if this life, lived every day, is a spiritual journey, where everything we experience - good and not so good - is specifically designed for my spiritual evolution? What if the "bad" decisions were purposeful in teaching me what I most needed to learn? What if I really am doing the best I can?

My habit is to judge myself. My self-talk is vicious sometimes. I'm not alone in this habit, based upon the deep work I have done with other people. What if I replace my harsh treatment of myself with deep love and forgiveness? What if I love myself the way God loves me?