Butterflies Kinda' Rule

It is my deep pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Maria Font. She's a crazy talented photographer, writer, artist, and life-lover. We met in the virtual world during a writing challenge, and connected instantly and on purpose.She has inspired me often and in so many ways. I admire her sense of adventure, as she's not afraid to explore the edges with enthusiasm and vigor. I watch her living a life she loves, always seeking something new to astonish and delight -- both for herself and for those lives she touches. Including mine.

Recently, she created something magnificent, and I can't wait to share it with you.

I know you're going to love Maria as I do, and you'll be so inspired by what she is creating. These words from Maria describe her experience. There are so many life nuggets here, so read slowly and fully absorb what she's so eloquently communicating:

From Maria:

This journey began with two butterfly host plants gifted to me by a cherished friend. She knew ... she knew far more than I did then.

She said, 'I want you to have butterflies." I didn't know what that meant. I mean, doesn't everyone have butterflies? They are free and abundant in our atmosphere? I didn't then have the broader perspective I have now.

There is a chain reaction that sets off in the world when you attract a fellow Earthling species to create babies in your garden. You enter another heart level when they lay eggs, crawl as caterpillars, then chrysalis and finally emerge right before your ginormous curious eyes as a completely different animal. The animal in you softens and shifts when you see something this wondrous. The Earth opens in vibrant awareness of the minuscule movement in our undercurrent which was enough to make my humanness explode.

I mean, if I could have 50 monarch butterflies emerge in a weekend, just imagine what is going on in every neighborhood around the planet unbeknownst to us? The tiny workings of the world are integral to the whole. A patchwork of heartbeats no matter the size.

Can you hear them?

Can you feel their tiny wings aching for flight?

It was a paradigm shift inside of my bones and all it took was two plants and untethered astonishment.

The extra attention you pay to anything is the one that rewards you.

This life is a beautiful cycle of metamorphosis. We enhance our soul transitions every era. It is impossible to stay the same as our life moves through time. We are in flux, every minute of every day. Time stops for no one.

Our fellow butterflies know. They are born crawling and fly within roughly three weeks. That alone should set off alarms inside of our purpose to wake up and move.

To find the roads we were meant to walk and seek the people we were meant to meet and feel the wholeness in our core we were meant to find.

Butterflies kinda' rule .

Maria Font