Engagement Strategies In Today's Disengaged World


A RECENT SCENARIO: I'm having a conversation with my daughter, and she's looking down at her phone while I'm talking to her. Or, I'm having a conversation with my mother, and I'm looking down at my phone rather than into her eyes. I know how annoyed I am without someone's full attention, and yet I don't always give other's mine.

Disengagement has become our way of being -- our "go-to", as we navigate unlimited and ever-present access to information.

It takes a new commitment to remove the distractions, and actually BE with people. I'm required to NOTICE the compelling nature of my distraction before I can gain a new commitment toward generating something else; something more powerful.


I know what it feels like to truly connect with people. I do it every day in my work; work which would literally not be possible without my commitment to undivided attention focused on the people I'm serving. As a solo-entrepreneur, I crave it.

I also know what it feels like to be disconnected.

I was feeling disconnected from my mother, who is 80 years old and has lived with us for many years. Though I pray she'll be with us for forever, the reality is that our days with her are numbered (as are all of our days). In January of this year, I made an engagement commitment to BE with her, alone, for an outing one day each week. It has meant the world to her. And for me, our time together has been a treasure. Without that commitment I chose to make, it wouldn't have happened. I would have missed precious, cherished time to have conversations that matter.


I was asked to present a breakout session for a Women's Leadership Engagement Event at St. Mary's College in South Bend. When asked what I felt compelled to present, it was clear that my greatest offering is to help others see ways to have conversations that matter. It's vital for leaders to engage in conversations that matter -- at home, at work -- anyplace where there are valued relationships. With passion, I help people see engagement strategies that create successful results.

In the world of business, we are incredibly disengaged. Gallup's State of the American Workplace Study found that in America, 70% of the workforce is either disengaged, or actively disengaged. Naturally, this means that only 30% of people are engaged at work.

My passion is to be a catalyst for changing these alarming statistics, so that we actively engage in meaningful relationships with one another. Whether it's my own personal commitments with the people I most care about, or by being a Love Activist as a leader in the world, I am activating engagement strategies that successfully accomplish the goal of engagement.

What is life, after all, if we live it with our hearts and eyes closed to the connections with other living beings around us? Further, what can we generate together, as a collective, when our hearts and minds are engaged in solving some of our world's most compelling challenges?