Entrepreneurs & Ideas

I'm an idea fanatic. Ideas come fast and fiercely; so much so there's no possibility for executing them all. It's also true that some of my ideas are crap. Lucky for me, I've learned to be discerning, and I've made a shit-ton of mistakes.

I've spent years following an ever-changing path dictated primarily by what interests me, ever curious about what could be just around the next corner. For me, new ideas are like oxygen.

Amidst the perpetual change involved with pursuing things that light my fire, there is so much to see and learn and do. I happen to love all of it -- the risks involved, the great unknown, the new insights gained by exploration into new territory.

I'm keenly aware of the uniqueness of this trait, though I know I'm not alone. Entrepreneurs are generally bursting with ideas. Ask any type 7 on the Enneagram, and you'd probably hear a similar story. We love hanging out near our creative edge by pursuing new ideas regularly. We avoid boredom at all costs!

This proclivity -- perpetually looking for new projects that light me up -- serves me well as an entrepreneur. At least most of the time. Because the pursuit of new ideas can be a major distraction from existing commitments, I've had to learn how to focus when it counts.

Ideation is a gift. It's tempting to apologize for it at times when I could be seen as "flakey" "inconsistent" or to lack "discipline." My inner critic has a field day with those labels!

Bright ideas are not only inspiring, without them the world would be a different place. That's why the creative process warrants honoring and nurturing.

And, to walk the talk, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm taking a hiatus from some of the work I've been doing. I'm allowing a free flow of creativity in all forms. I'm imagining what I want my life to look like now, and creating it.

I'm in a new phase of ideation; shedding the skin of what no longer fits to make space for what wants to be born. I'm questioning everything - every idea, every belief, all of that which I've held sacred and non-negotiable.

I know this is the perfect path for me right now. Stay tuned for more updates as my story unfolds.