Facing Rejection As An Entrepreneur

In our Entrepreneur Gold Cafe today, heart-centered entrepreneurs got real with the feelings of rejection. As the facilitator, I asked them direct questions about how they successfully manage their relationship with it, and what they could learn from it. We also learned how to feel great about our 'elevator speech' (hint: there are no rules) and took a look at the value of marketing metrics. But...rejection! Everyone has felt the emotional pull of rejection at one time or another. Entrepreneurs feel it more often because they are typically making more requests -- whether it's about financing or asking for an order or recruiting people to come work with them.

It's a slippery slope because we know in our hearts that if we don't ask for things, we won't get them. Right? And it hurts our feelings when we take rejection personally (which most of us do, to some extent.)

When I asked who had ever felt the crushing feeling of rejection, there was zero hesitation. To a person, each of us had experienced rejection on some level. Members shared examples of times when they'd felt it and how it could stop them from asking -- at the risk of being told 'no' if they allowed themselves to retreat. They shared how it can lead to avoidance, as it has in the past and how they've since stopped letting it stop them.

We learned how, with practice, it gets easier not to take being told no, or being judged for underperforming so damn personally. We could agree that often it isn't about us anyway -- their negative response is more about them than it is us, in general.

Each time we come together in the Cafe, we get stronger, better, and more connected.