Giving My Power Away

I've been giving my power away, without even knowing it. I've been feeling sad.



Pissed off.


I read my news feed, or my Facebook feed...and feel scared.

I'm scared that we're so divided, we will never find our way back.

I'm fearful of the consequences of either candidate as President of the United States of America.

I realized this morning I've been giving all my energy and power to the notion that whomever becomes our President, we're screwed.

I have been buying the story that everyone seems to be selling.

Certain demise.

The sky is falling.

There's no way back.

Of course we will survive. We are built for survival.

What if it's even possible to thrive, in spite of circumstances?

What if, because of the nearly unimaginable chaos and hate-mongering that is happening right now, we are faced with the reality of what we've become?

And what if this reality check invites us forward in a way that wasn't possible without it?

What if this is somehow on purpose? Though it's heart-wrenching, what if there is something we're meant to see that we couldn't see before?

What if the invitation is to RISE UP rather than hunker down?

We will rise up, regardless who gets elected.

When I imagine what this looks like for me -- the rising up -- I remember all the ways I'm working today to make the world a better place.

It gives me hope, and purpose.

With The CoQuora Project, we are helping communities of people come together in ways like never before. We're facilitating connections and mutual respect in spite of differences.

We're helping businesses re-invent old and broken leadership models, so they can stay in business in a world that's completely different. This helps us prepare for the changing workforce that is here, and continuing to grow and evolve.

We're finding new ways to talk about education reform, bringing shareholders together in a new and more productive conversation.

Because there's one thing I know for sure...

Action is the fear killer.

I'm taking my power back -- engaging in creative problem solving where I can be of most use.

I don't need to wait for the right leader in order to take compelling and loving action.   My own answers are always inside me, guided by my faith in humanity that sprouts from the divine love that created us.

I must choose love over fear, viewing the disfunction through eyes of love and human kindness, rather than succumbing to  negative diatribe as if it's irrevocably true.

What will you do? It's seems easier to choose apathy -- giving up on us all because there is surely no hope.

But is it easier, really?

What if we each chose one small action today that takes us away from the status quo of fear and destruction to love and creation?

What if instead of the extraction of power that happens from following the fear-mongering news stories, we find a way to contract with love and compassion?

What if we join together, to create a different -- more powerful -- more loving and action oriented conversation?

I am rising up, waiting for you to come along with me.