Hope Is Not A Strategy

However, all is lost without hope. How about that for a couple of worn-out cliches? If you're a business leader, you know what losing hope feels like. Maybe you once lost your biggest customer and wondered how you'd keep the lights on. Or perhaps you lost financing for a big deal and knew you couldn't move forward with your exciting plans. You know what hopelessness feels like, and it isn't fun.

While hope alone is not a strategy, having it sure beats not having it, right?

So once you've lost hope, how do you get it back?

There is always something for which to be grateful. And once you get out of the black cloud of 'doomsday' thinking, you can usually access another strategy to create what you most want. Or sometimes, the thing that didn't go your way was a true blessing.

I love helping people move from hopelessness to hope...from fear to love (isn't it really the same thing?) Nothing good happens from the desperate place of fear, doubt, and worry. Everything good happens from possibility thinking and love.

The way through will only happen by having powerful conversations -- and posing compelling questions. Are you busy making excuses for what happened or are you actively engaged in fixing it?