How to Avoid Apathy

My coach once said to me "hope is not a strategy." You may have heard this before.

When he said this to me, I resisted the notion that hope has no value in a situation, especially since I often feel like one of the most valuable aspects of my work with people is that they come away inspired and hopeful that what they want to happen can happen.

And yet...

Hope Alone is Not A Strategy

I know that hope isn't enough. But hope -- coupled with inspired action -- can make a huge difference in a person's experience of life.

It's easy to feel hopeless in today's times. Many are worried about the direction of humanity in light of politics, the condition of planet Earth as our home, and the constant reminders of all the ways we humans choose dividedness over connecting with others.

There is much to heal, in order to move forward. There is something to do -- for you, for me, and for everyone still breathing.

The answer is in each of our interactions with others.

We can start as early as right now. Instead of focusing on what we don't want -- we can shift into what we'd love to create.

My life (and yours) is uniquely shaped by the quality of our relationships. Why not start there?

What if your next conversation held the possibility for exquisite listening -- by each party? What if it happened through the eyes of love and compassion (the universal language).

What if LOVE were the mightiest word?

David and I are creating a path for healing through our CoQuora work.

Check out the invitation here.

Please open it, and if you feel inspired, take action.