Ideas for Action In A Changing New World

It's easy to think there's nothing to do but worry about the ways of the world today. Hopelessness and despair are fast becoming our go-to emotions, especially if the first thing we do upon awakening is to fill our minds with someone else's idea of what's important, via social media. Every day, I seek discernment. In a world of alternative facts, fake news sites and Big Data strategies, it's more important than ever to consider what we are allowing to affect our worldview.

How did we get here?

Sometimes it feels like my recurring nightmare -- the one where I forgot how to open my locker, and I can't remember where my classes are, and I've missed too much of a semester to stay in school. That never actually happened in real life -- a reflection of the anxiety trapped in my unconscious mind.

We don't grow through isolation and fear.

Though sometimes being stranded on a desert island by myself sounds kinda cool, the only growth that would occur would be my hunting and gathering skills. To evolve, I'd need to be in conversation with people and experience their wisdom. I'd need to see them and be seen by them.

Humans are meant to connect deeply, to seek knowledge, and to celebrate the value of diversity if our desire is to evolve as a species. We have seen the dark side of humanity to a greater degree than ever before in my lifetime these past months. Without expansion, we stay trapped in status quo and our 'stinking thinking.'

We must wake up to what we're creating through our intolerance for others. Within us is the power to create a future in which we want to live. It happens one relationship, one action, one choice at a time.

What are some ideas for mobilizing in a changing new world?

I see two distinct actions for escaping the small and fearful life of hopelessness, and moving into an UpRising:

1. Tap into our innate wisdom. Remember that we were born from love, with love, and for love. Do the inner work to rise above fear. Stay awake. Be bigger, stronger and better.

2. Come together. Ask better questions. Listen intently to those answers. Tap into the collective wisdom (which is exponential and always there) so that our thinking can evolve. Stay in inspired action.

There is always hope. The world as we have known it is changing. Our actions during this time matter significantly, affecting our trajectory forward; either hurtling aimlessly toward the dark or flying gracefully into the light.

If you feel motivated to take action now, go ahead and share this post with #upRising. Together, we can create positive change.