Leos Get Shit Done

Gorgeous (you do remember you're made of star stuff?), Yep. It's August again, and some things just don't change. You might remember I choose to celebrate the whole month every single August, as my birthday is on the 15th and it just makes the most sense to celebrate both the before and the after.

I started today, by getting a shit-ton of things off my to-do list DONE. Man, that feels good! It was truly a gift to myself.

Tomorrow, my husband and I drive into Chicago to visit my sister and have a lovely dinner. Then we fly to Virginia Beach to visit my son and daughter-in-law for -- wait for it -- my soon to be grandbaby's gender reveal ultrasound! Very special times ahead.

As many of you know, we've been enjoying throwback times from my childhood at Arbutus Lake near Traverse City, MI. Most of August will be spent soaking up the vibrating air from our lake cabin.

Oh. What. A. Gift!

I'm coming back to life in so many ways, possible only because I gave myself the gift of space.

Here's what I have created with my business since my pause:

New Fees & ServicesNew Homepage with Video

I'm helping a restaurant owner create a new, hip vibe in her new location in pursuit of my passion for design. I'm building a Pinterest board for my grandbaby's bedroom design.

Life is so, so good.

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work with me