Love is Love

Love is love, regardless of any other factor you can think of that might influence it - like race, gender, age or disability.

Below is a beautiful video of a project produced by the Ad Council, for Love Has No Labels, and shared through the Upworthy  Facebook page.

It warmed my heart, and woke me up, and I'm hoping it will have the same impact on you. The Love Has No Labels website has lots of other great info on bias, including this 8 question bias quiz. Just when I think I'm progressive, I take a quiz like this and know I still have room to grow. Don't we all?

Because really, LOVE IS LOVE.

One step forward to all our growth is to watch this video below, and notice your response. Second, share this post with everyone you know, so that we can all grow from the awareness.

Because love really is love, in any shape or size. And the world (you and I) could really use less bias and more love.

Post by Upworthy.