How To Love The Un-lovable

Lately, I've been noticing how difficult it is to walk my talk, by learning how to love the unlovable. And thinking, isn't that the way? Life is good at showing me what I'm committed to doing and being, by putting obstacles in my path that test my mettle.

As a self-proclaimed love-activist, my purpose is to love fiercely. I'm meant to love even those that aren't easy to love, and not just sometimes but at all times.

I don't take love-activism lightly. It's significant work. Because I believe being loving is paramount to our life experience, including mine, I take a stand for loving - even when it is not easy.

You guys! I'm a lover, and yet man-oh-man some days it is super challenging to be loving. How do I love someone whose actions don't align with my worldview? How do I practice loving-kindness in the presence of perceived evil?

If ever there was a person who needed love, it's the one for which it is hardest to love.

All I can do is start where I am. I can love YOU and the possibility of your best and brightest experience of life. Meanwhile, I continue to practice loving-kindness, empathy, and compassion. I practice loving the unlovable. It's practice, not perfection.

Today, that's the best I can do.