My Entrepreneurial Support System

I've been an entrepreneur since 2006. There have been times when I've felt so alone, and so desperate for connection, I actually missed being an employee. Until I hired my first employee, it was all me. Nobody else was "in it", pushing for a similar goal along side me.

Of course, I'm now unemployable. Not that I couldn't get a job, because of course I could. I can't imagine a situation where I'd work for someone else's dream, nor can I imagine that I'd be very good at it. Now that I've heard the sound of my own key unlocking my studio door, it would have to be a dire situation for me to go back to punching the proverbial clock.

How did I survive those days? Let me tell you about my entrepreneurial support system.

Back when I started my practice, I mistakenly believed that being alone in my business was just the way it had to be. It wasn't until I was dangerously close to quitting, and ready to go get a job bagging groceries, that I hired my first coach. That's when everything changed. I didn't have to do it alone -- in fact, few successful entrepreneurs make it without a significant support system.

Since then, I've built a tremendous team of people and resources who support me every day. I have outsourced the things I have no business doing -- like bookkeeping and taxes. I get help with my marketing and social media strategy. I outsource any administrative work I don't want to do. I work with a network of coaches who are also friends -- whom I can call at a moments notice to help me get re-centered.

A few of them fiercely and lovingly kick my ass when needed.

But there was still something missing. Who do I brainstorm with? Where do I put all my ideas? I was craving people to co-create with. What was missing?

A community of entrepreneurs.

So, I created one. The Entrepreneur Cafe Series happens every 3rd Saturday in Studio C in Goshen. It's been phenomenal. I'm in awe, each time we get together, at the open hearts of the community members. We feel safe to share our deepest fears. We feel heard. Loved, even. Creativity is contagious, and we each leave feeling inspired.

Though I love being belly-to-belly, in person with entrepreneurs, I realize that this same sense of community can be created virtually as well. I'm developing a program to serve people, world-wide. Stay tuned for details soon.

We're better together, for certain.