Outing Your Inner Critic


Your Inner Critic Speaks Loudly

A client and friend was asked to present her perspective for a summit for writers this week. She is nothing short of brilliant as a writing coach, writer -- and overall an amazing human being. I've experienced her talent first hand, as she's also my writing coach. In short, she rocks.

She completed her interview this week and afterwards felt very good about the quality of information she delivered. I checked in with her via text, and it went something like this (my words are in purple):


how was it?

I think it went well!!

of course it did!

I had to just not think about it and take notes during the interview and it all just downloaded.

you're brilliant.

hopefully it was interesting at the very least. I think I surprised her with a few of my comments. In a good way.

you are a rock star and she's lucky to know you.

awww shucks!

it's true.

So that was our conversation on Tuesday. Today is Thursday, and I get this text from her:Outing Your Inner Critic

I'm having this post-interview panic that I'm going to sound like an idiot. I bought a book on resilience to help.

I don't think it's possible for you to sound like an idiot. Trust what you know. That's Bertha. Not you.

OMG! You're right. She's on the warpath. Thank you.

Fuck Bertha. What's an action you can take right now that would raise the proverbial finger to her?

Oooh good question. Maybe I will write a blog for writers about the anxiety related to putting yourself out there.


Love you so much! Thank you!

And I love you!

Bertha is the name she chose to name her inner critic, by the way. And this is a real life example of how she works. She's running underneath the radar until she's outed. Like she was today with my client -- who is super smart and self-aware, and still sometimes gets tormented by the illusion.

Crazy, and all true. Mine is alive and well also, as you can see by reading this. Leave your comment her to tell us about yours?