People Matter


  I enjoy getting a reaction from people. Maybe it's the way my stars are aligned - or maybe just that I love creating conversation other than small talk. (I may not have mentioned how much I abhor small talk.)

So, on the back of my iPhone, there is a sticker prominently displayed that says...


When people notice it, I always look them in the eye to see if it registers. It's not a big deal - and yet it tells me something. If they ignore it, they either don't understand or don't want to understand. Either way, I'm making a statement.

Because people really DO matter to me.

My life's work has been about understanding and developing human potential. It's who I am at my core. I don't know of any work more rewarding. People are so worth the effort. And the collective consciousness rises up when people's full potential is tapped and being put to good use in the world.

In my work with business leaders, this whole notion of people mattering is the foundation upon which all positive results are built. It's easy for leaders to ignore their lack of personal relationships with the folks who make the business work - until it isn't.

What if you picked one person today - just one - and had a real conversation with them? Your challenge is not to mention the weather, or the traffic, or anything insignificant.

Find out what makes them sing.

My guess is you'll learn something. And if you don't, they may just understand that you think they matter.