Proud to be a Life Coach


  From the beginning of my journey 7+ years ago of training to be a business coach, and building a thriving coaching practice, I was adamant that I didn't want to be considered a "life coach". Life coaching somehow seemed too small - not important enough. I was excited about business and have always brought a great deal of insight and passion to any business conversation. I discounted the whole idea of life coaching, since clearly, business coaching took more skill and expertise. Really?

Sometimes I crack myself up. In actual practice, it’s nearly impossible for me to differentiate between business coaching and life coaching. It seems the whole person shows up, both at work and at home.

When a leader is in a coaching relationship with me, everything is on the table for discussion. There are no limits. If someone is worried about something at home, we talk about it. The emotional aspects of any situation bleed into every other situation. If there’s something going on at work, it’s most likely a factor for your way of being at home.

Leaders need help with their whole life, and my work is rarely limited to strategy and team building. How you do anything is how you do everything. So we must look into the whole enchilada, so to speak. Who you are as a person matters in every aspect of your life.

My coaching certifications and ongoing training focus on both areas - business coaching and transformative life coaching. I’ve done the same amount of work to achieve both distinctions. For all these years, I’ve believed that my knowledge and expertise in business was more valuable than anything I might have learned about life. I am a business coach, dammit! Life coach? Hell no.

Here is the truth: During the course of every relationship I've ever had, I have provided life coaching - well before I knew what life coaching was. And this is no small feat -- life coaching really helps people to build amazing lives, one choice at a time.

So what's the deal with me treating the term “life coaching” as the red-headed step child? I know that it’s not just me. We life coaches are often confused about what to call ourselves. The work is difficult to describe, and “life coaching” doesn’t always describe it accurately.

Also, the barrier of entry for someone to call themselves a life coach is minimal. Anyone can hang up a sign and start coaching. This results in a crowded market filled with people with many different skill levels. When I say I’m a life coach, I may get lumped into whatever brand of life coaching the person I’m talking to has experienced. And this might not be a good thing.

I was allowing this bias against life coaching to stop me from declaring that I'm a fantastic life coach. Call it what you will -- coaching with me will change your life in profound and dramatic ways. I know this because I’ve experienced it with my clients, time and time again.

The trajectory of a particular area in my clients life changes during our work together, which has a lifelong impact. You don’t have to believe me. Go HERE to see for yourself.

Isn't it funny how we sometimes get in our own way? Well, not funny “ha-ha” but still...very interesting.

After all, what could possibly be more important than a person’s life? And when you’re ready to create something amazing in it, it’s truly an honor to guide you to your best path. Working with me as your life coach leads you to an extremely valuable level of clarity.

I’m Charrise McCrorey, and I’m proud to say I’m a life coach. Finally!