Radical Ideas On Leaders & Love


Lead with loveI've developed some radical ideas on leaders & love. Having dreamed of doing it for years, December of 2013 arrived with a commitment to create a bare boned schedule — only doing that which must be done to maintain an income stream. I felt the nagging tug to create open space, and finally chose not to ignore it. I felt the need to get clear on my direction in 2014. The result? Total clarity about what's next for my practice. (I highly recommend slowing down and getting quiet. For me, something cool always gets created.) I am being called to expand, as Danielle LaPorte so eloquently puts it:

You will be interrupted. You will be called on to expand. You will be asked who you are and why you are here.

As the December dust has settled, the open space has been filled with clear intentions. I'm being called to expand into a leadership role that will serve other leaders and organizations by teaching them something fairly radical.

I'm guiding leaders to infuse love

into their ethos.

Through engagement and empathy, we are building cultures that reward innovation and creativity, while honoring the true talents and gifts of the people doing the work. This not only makes people happy, it improves the organization's bottom line. Win-win.

Over the past 7 years, I've worked with leaders to create high functioning teams, with a great deal of success. Now, my focus is shifting toward enhancing engagement levels and inviting leaders to lean into their natural human tendencies for empathy and compassion.

These are exciting times, as we move into a world of enlightened leadership where leaders finally understand that...

Leadership is love.