Seeking Other Perspectives

In the Entrepreneur Gold Cafe, participants often come away with something unexpected. They get the support they expect, of course. Friendships deepen every time someone speaks to an issue they're experiencing. Whether it's something they're afraid of, or a problem they haven't been able to solve on their own --they continue to come to the Cafe because it's comforting to know they aren't the only one to experience these things. This week, one member (of course her real name is confidential, so let's call her Susan) asked us to provide information for a self-assessment. Seeking other perspectives is so useful!

Her question was: "Do you remember any particular conversations or instances where I've been extra enthusiastic or any general subject areas which I am happy to talk about?"

Seeking other perspectives was a brave and brilliant action step for Susan, and for any entrepreneur. We get so blind to our talent, and outside views help tremendously.

And because Susan asked, she got to experience a 'light-bulb' moment. One of our members instantly contributed that she sees Susan as a creative problem solver and Susan will track down the answer to any problem that arises. Susan didn't see herself this way, and yet once it was on the table, she was able to embrace it fully and even had ideas for how to market it. She got re-energized in that moment.

Golden nuggets like this appear each time we come together, and that's why I choose to focus so much of my energy on helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

It's so fun to be part of success!