Space That Inspires You


How I created space that inspires me...

I have heard lots of horror stories related to the use of I'm sure you have heard similar things -- stories of abuse and theft and betrayal, and yes, even murder.

That has not been my experience.

I've had 100% success with every transaction conducted through I've purchased furniture, sold a canoe, given stuff away, and most recently organized an entire office move by using the services of our friend Craig.

You see, I realized a few months back that my workspace no longer inspired me. Since I'm keenly aware of the importance of the space surrounding me, I made the decision to move office. Having had a vision of the perfect space in my imagination for years, I began seeking the perfect space.

I found a place that met some of my wishes, and nearly said yes to it. It could have worked, and yet something inside me knew it was not exactly right. Even though I was fairly advanced in my agreement with my potential landlord, my inner wisdom told me I needed to say no.

Since my decision to move was already made and I hadn't yet found a new home, I considered doing the coffee shop office thing until I found the ideal space. I felt great about that decision, since I adore coffee and coffee shops and often do my best writing there.

And then one day I was browsing on Craigslist. Clicking on the memorized link to office space for lease, I scrolled down - and like a beacon of light I noticed an ad for flexible space at Greene & Berkey. I immediately had a feeling that this was IT. And indeed it was the perfect space - exactly as I had imagined. I signed the lease and made plans to move.

Part of my plan was not to drag my husband, friends and family into the move. I happen to love change, and have moved several times over the past years. It's my 3rd office space in 7 years! You can imagine what was going through the minds of those that have so generously offered to help in the past. To avoid any stress, I considered hiring outside help for this move.

Back to Craigslist I go... scanning for moving help - seeking strong backs and an affordable fee. I found the most delightful father and son team! The son is doing odd jobs to fund his wedding, which is one month away. He asked his dad to help and the deal was sealed.

Some were skeptical that I would give my trust to anyone from Craigslist. After all, they could be scam artists! They might take advantage of me, or be unskilled in the careful handling of my things - at the very least! My response to that was a smile, and a quiet confidence that none of these scenarios would occur.

I think bad things like that don't happen to me in large part because I don't expect them to happen to me. The two men were kind, generous, and competent. They cared about me and my stuff. The move went smoothly and effortlessly, and I would hire them again in a heartbeat. I offered to give them references and to refer them to my friends. It all worked out so perfectly.

Two men, and my willingness to trust them led to a seamless and joyful day of moving. Being open to finding worthy listings on Craigslist led me to my dream space, pictured below.

During the move, I purged things. Physical things...emotional things. It was symbolic in many ways. It's been a challenging few months, and so much light came into my life because I was willing and open to making changes.

Being in space that inspires me has resulted in my creativity bursting forth, imagining new ways to work with people. It feels as though, by holding and expecting to find exactly what I was seeking, I found it - plus so much more.

In these past few days, I'm thrilled to have created something that supports YOU in creating intentional space - both literal and figurative - in your life.

Through this process, I've learned to trust myself and my inner wisdom. I've learned that I'm never alone. And I've learned once again, that possibility is everywhere if I'm willing to see it.