The Danger of Indecision


the danger of indecision

I learned long ago that in order to get what I want in this world I must be willing to ask for it. From asking the barista for that special concoction of flavors combined exactly to my liking, to inviting people into important conversations, I make many requests daily. In my practice as a life coach, I've been known to propose that people in fact practice asking for things with the acronym AYAO (Ask Your Ass Off).

Let's talk about the danger of indecision.

Let's say I'm a champion at making requests. Sometimes, I make a request, and the people I'm asking fail to commit to a clear yes or no. They are stuck on MAYBE. People can stay stuck on maybe for long, long periods of time. This results in both parties being in this low energetic of limbo. It's a high energy cost, always driven by some sort of fear.

Is there seriously anything more frustrating than MAYBE? Nope. Maybe is a powerless place to come from.

The danger of indecision is that by not deciding, I'm actually deciding. I'm deciding to let the unexplored fear override my critical thinking process. This is a slippery slope, especially if it becomes a pattern. My logic may be that if I don't decide anything, I won't make any mistakes. Ugh.

I choose to be decisive. It really does come down to making a choice. Also, whether as a life coach or a friend, I'm always asking; making requests and invitations to others. I'm always interested in getting to a clear YES or a clear NO. Maybe is the dreaded stalemate.

Let's create something different, shall we?