The Secret Of Life


I'm in the midst of another 30 day writing challenge, and today I was challenged to answer this call:

If you only had one week to live, what is the last story, poem, or letter you would write? What would you put on your last page? What are the most pressing words you would want to leave behind?

My intention is be so committed to my relationships, that everyone already knows how I feel about them. Which is an invitation to myself to BE this, every day. To write love letters, to say what I need to say, every day - not just in urgent situations. So let's assume I've done all that. Then what?

At the end of my life, the only thing that matters is how well I’ve learned to love. Every experience is my teacher, showing me how to release fear, worry, anxiety, so that there is only love. My shadow shows me judgement, hate, disappointment, and shame. Any emotion other than love is not real. It’s something I’ve made up, and has no life on its’ own. It, too, serves a purpose.

My epitaph will be:

The secret of life, is to let love win.

I didn't always understand this, even though love has always been there to guide me, blinding me with its persistent light. I’ve learned that love is not about denial. It’s not always the proverbial rose garden. Sometimes it’s agony. It’s heart-opening hurt. It’s tough love too; painful and needed sometimes.

Love does not enable or placate. Love serves, by holding up the greatest of expectations for a person. Love assumes worthiness. Love heals. It’s purity is potent, with the power to change everything.

I have loved early, deeply and often, and am still learning to fully receive it. By witnessing the sacred transformation of others, loving them through their pain, their truth, and triumphs, I’ve been mightily blessed. Being present for my family and friends; my open arms and open heart has made a difference. My soul will always seek the chance to make a difference.

My work in this life has been to love others, in every form and on every path possible. It’s also my greatest challenge — to say this, and then to live it. Love is more than a word. Love is a verb. My sacred prayer is that my example follows my words, and that through my experience of love, others will be moved to let love in, and let love win.


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