The Value of Retreat


For years now, I have understood the value of retreat. There were many years before I participated in my first retreat, when I didn't take time out and I had no idea how helpful it would be.  I was busy raising children, working big jobs, and doing my share of the work at home. How could I possibly step outside of my responsibilities? Wouldn't that be indulgent and frivolous? I didn't always understand the value of taking care of myself - physically, spiritually, emotionally. I crashed and burned as a result, and I have known many others who've had the same experience. Why do we wait for a crisis to do what we know we need to do? What do we make more important than our own nurturance of self, at the expense of our health and/or our best work?

the value of retreatNow I know how life-altering it is to give myself the gift of time and space - out of the whirlwind of everyday life. This sacred time away has literally changed the course of my life several times. Retreat has simply helped me to see things more clearly and given me much needed perspective.

I've learned how difficult it is to get committed to taking time away from work or everyday life. It can be terrifying to imagine the sort of chaos that might happen if others must carry on without us for a few days.

The irony is that I've never been with anyone on retreat who wasn't extraordinarily grateful that they allocated the time, after having experienced it. Nobody ever regrets it.

Though it's common to feel guilty for needing time away, it's vital to our well-being. It returns us to our spiritual center. It connects us back to ourselves, and to others.

It's why I'm so driven to provide others with this customized, heart-centered opportunity to get re-aligned with purpose and passion.

Why is retreat important?

Executive Retreat

It's easy to see why it's important for executive teams to get away from the day to day for strategic planning sessions and team building. Big ideas come from such events. Team mates find new ways to collaborate, and become more compassionate for one another. Real work gets done. New possibilities come to light, and action plans get created. Visit the page dedicated to Executive Retreat here.

Personal Retreat

It's perhaps less common for CEO's to see the value of getting away for personal retreat, and yet invaluable for independent thinking time, re-centering and recalibrating. It gets very lonely sometimes. Visit the page dedicated to VIP Liberation Day here.

Personal retreat is also vital for someone in transition -- to take a step away from what they've always known and believed to be true, and to gain access to other ways of working and creating their best life.

Peer Retreat

So much is gained when peers get connected with others who are in similar roles or positions. We all need support systems, and peer retreats provide phenomenal space for networking and sharing at deep levels with others who understand what we're facing, because they face it too. Visit the page dedicated to peer retreat here.

Whatever our purpose, facilitated retreat providing time away from our whirlwind is time well-spent. 

What will your experience be?

Value of Retreat

If I'm facilitating, I promise:

  • A heart-centered process, learning what is REALLY possible
  • Beautiful surroundings, connecting with nature
  • Creativity, as a tool to create whole brain thinking
  • Sacred, safe and magical space
  • Results beyond the ordinary
  • Creative problem solving
  • Facilitated growth strategies
  • Clear action plan

You'll be surprised at what gets done from this place of openness, creativity, and clear-headedness.

Wouldn't it be worth it to you to find out?