The Value of Vision


I lived 45 years before I had any real idea that I had some part in the results I created in my life. I wouldn't say I was negative or victim oriented - quite the contrary. My natural style was to take ownership. I simply wasn't aware of my role as a creator. I had never imagined too far out into my future, spending most of my time surviving without even knowing I was living that small. When I did become aware, I created a vision for my future, describing what it would look like in great detail as if a video camera were filming me in my future. I imagined what I would see upon awakening.

The Value of VisionI imagined where I would be waking up, and in great detail created all the tastes, scents, and images in which I would partake during my morning. Next, I imagined the work I'd be doing, and the specific person I'd be doing it with. I imagined what seemed to me the perfect day, and that image totally rocked.

When I created this vision for my life, it felt far away and close to impossible. Part of the exercise was to re-read it over and over and look for ways to expand it even more. 

So when I did that, it seemed far fetched, and frankly it felt like it could never be my life.

Fast forward to today, and many of the components of my perfect day exist for me quite regularly. Though what I created as a vision seemed far away, the fact that I could imagine it meant something.

It was planted in my subconscious through my imagination, and through divine guidance and action, my life is unfolding in amazing ways. 

Recently, I did an overhaul of my vision to update it with an even bigger vision of my perfect day. It seems there is always more available if I am committed to growing in my experience of life.

When I notice that I get too comfortable, I want to explore my thinking since I know that all my growth occurs when I'm stretched and uncomfortable.

I've learned through personal experience that nothing is out of reach, unless I can't imagine it. When I can see myself there, in my imagined life, that life immediately  becomes possible. The value of understanding that God made me into a creator, and further, understanding that being intentional about what I'm creating has made all the difference.

My life's work is to help others see this distinction, which ironically was part of my vision - long before I was actually doing it.  Gotta love the irony there, right?