Today We Lay My Dad To Rest


Today we lay my dad to rest...

As many of you know, my dad passed away on July 13. I was next to him, along with others, fiercely loving him as he took his last breath. An amazing thing occurred the night before, when my two sisters, my bother and I formed a circle around him, holding hands, and telling him we were forming a circle of love for him. After not having moved or spoken for a few days, he jerked upright and tried to speak, giving us the signal we needed that he heard us, and loved us too. It was such a gift, and I will never forget it.

As I've written in other blog posts, we didn't always have a close relationship. At the end of his life, we both felt love, respect and admiration for one another, and I am at peace. I wrote the following poem, which will be read today at his memorial service:

a tribute poem honoring Keith Eldon Sweazy (1932-2012) by Charrise Sweazy McCrorey

It’s Only Love

A woodworker. Creative craftsman, his imagination a blueprint for matching wood, piece to piece.

Music the soundtrack, for dancing dreaming thinking drinking.

Ample vision if not execution.

He was a dreamer.

A cowboy, or quite possibly an American Indian, an uncanny connection.

A wild one, unencumbered by duty. Free from people-pleasing, living by his own moral code.

Adventurous without ambition, Curious and fear-captured. Stuck in the muck of good intentions and disease.

A lover, misunderstood by most. Loving central and unshakable, for those who had faith and no proof.

Introverted, perfectly perfect alone, unaware while we scrap pitifully for signs of affection.

Ever quick witted and razor sharp, dulled by dependence. Kind and open armed, from a distance.

In repose, elevated to hero. Clamoring to see the greatness he surely was memories illusionary, almost real.

Love is enough even when it’s elusive.   A feather stroke. Visceral.

Intangible, love is cellular. Remarkably connecting, separation an illusion.

Love wins, cutting through hurt; the antidote to disillusionment.

In the end he taught me it’s only love.