5 Bone-Headed Business Mistakes To Avoid


As an entrepreneur for the past 8+ years, I've made some mistakes. While my business is a coaching practice, entrepreneurs of any kind likely make these same kinds of mistakes, regardless the type of business they're building. Here are the 5 business mistakes to avoid, raw and fresh and feeling like yesterday: 5 Business Mistakes To Avoid

1.  Unintentional energy usage - The blunt way of describing this mistake is to say I spent precious time and energy doing things that didn't drive business growth.  I tweeted (which actually did connect me to some extraordinary people) obsessively. I spent hours creating web presence. I worried. I forgot to take care of my spirit, instead reverting to work-a-holic tendencies because after all, more time spent = more results, right? Wrong.

2. Believing failure is a personality trait - Failure is an event, not a personality trait. I spent time worrying I might fail and have to get a "real" job. I now know that the most successful people are willing to fail, again and again, as it moves them closer to success. The way I saw  it working may happen, or what actually does happen might be a variation of what I envisioned. Either way, I use everything for my growth and learning. That means every long-held false belief, and every misguided fear. I use it rather than judge it.

3. Being everything to everyone - I was so eager to serve, and so excited to deliver value. I was also desperate to make my business work financially, so I said yes to projects and clients that were not in my best interest. I've learned that being inspired by a project or a client is essential, and if I'm not inspired I don't say yes to it.

4. Focusing on myself - Whenever I focused on my skills, or my lack of financial success, or my desire to grow my business, or my attachment to the prospect choosing to work with me, I became filled with worry and doubt and fear. When I simply shifted my focus to serving another, and gave undivided attention to listening for ways to serve, the worry, doubt, and fear disappeared. Turns out you can't possibly worry about yourself when you're focused on serving somebody else.

5. Being like everyone else - I've hung out with some pretty cool life coaches, mentors, and teachers. I even hired a few of them. I saw myself being successful if I used all of their techniques and if I modeled my practice after theirs. I realize now that it couldn't work that way. When I began asking myself what I would love to create, and focused on creating that, my practice doubled. There is more than one path to a successful practice, and when I finally chose to get clear on what I wanted to create and forgot about what others were doing, I became more successful.

I'm certain I made more mistakes than these. Still, I'm committed to being comfortable always being in beta, since I'm an evolving human. My practice evolves as I do. Mistakes are inevitable. Could I have avoided these mistakes? Maybe. Could I have avoided all mistakes? Hell no. It's part of the deal.


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