Walking It Off

I just took an hour from what I perceive to be my very busy, important schedule. Said schedule includes copious amounts of butt-sitting. Walking it off has been an on-again off-again love affair of mine.

I am astonished at how good I feel when I take 'the walk' -- 'the walk' formerly considered "MY WALK."

I felt as though since I fell off the 'walk wagon' I could no longer call the 3 mile stretch in my neighborhood mine.

Whoa. Lot's of judgment there, eh?

Here is my walking partner, Murphy -- otherwise known as the Murphster, Murph, Murph-dog. Other than his habit of marking every mailbox with his urine as any dog-king must, he is a fabulous walking partner.  Here are a few observations from today:

  1. I tend to make rules. If I don't have a full 50 minutes open on my calendar to take my walk, I don't take it. If I walk, I make it up that it must be the whole enchilada, or nothing at all.
  2. It's the 'nothing at all' that serves to delay my reprioritization of my healthy some-time habit of walking. Would a 15 or 30-minute walk be better than no walk at all? Of course!
  3. I feel absolutely wonderful during and after my walk, without exception.
  4. When I walk, I get ideas. Crazy ones, sometimes.
  5. When I walk, I can literally feel the stress drain out of me with every drop of sweat.
  6. I get a whole lot more podcast listening done when I'm walking it off, which is something I value. I love efficiency!
  7. Murphy is the best dog in the whole world. He's so patient -- waiting for me to remember how happy we both are when we're walking.

Seems like a whole lot of reasons to keep walking it off, yes?